• Brand & campaign strategy
  • Identity & brand refresh
  • Site redesign & replatform
  • Gynormous eCommerce, B2B
  • Role: Creative & Design direction, strategy; team of 5
  • Agency: Rosetta


Entegris is a global advanced technologies leader in materials science, advanced materials, manufacturing and microcontamination control—a real B2B-beast with over 1,000,000 SKUs.

Our relationship started with procurring the website redesign and replatform (AEM / Hybris) effort. We then encouraged Entegris to consider brand and campaign strategy work along with an identity & brand redesign. With the exception of a brand refresh in lieu of the outright redesign, they agreed.

Pure Advantage

After a deep-dive through extensive documentation, research and conversations, two words emerged: purity and advantage. From a brand perspective, Pure Advantage became the keystone, galvanizing the enormous breadth of this growing, global high-tech powerhouse. From UX, copy and design perspectives, we rallied around the essence of purity and advantage.

What we left behind

Designed in the ‘80s, the Entegris identity, brand and design system was ready to be evolved.

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    Old red and green Entegris logo
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    Screenshots of the previous Entegris website
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    Old Entegris brochureware and business card

Where We Started

After an extensive research period, we began laying the foundation for a strong brand strategy and visual design system starting with mood boards and other investigations: communication, tone & messaging, mood & feel, fonts & palette, lifestyle & product imagery.

Identity & brand refresh

Refreshed logo & mantra

New red and grey Entegris logo

Stationery system

New Entegris corporate stationery system

Brochures, folders & 1-sheets

New Entegris brochures, folders and 1-sheets

Redesign & Replatform

Built on AEM and Hybris, we redesigned this 1MM+ SKU eCommerce B2B platform with a new architecture, taxonomy and nomenclature for organizational clarity and ease of product identification & purchase. We further created a bold and contemporary design system that articulated the trust and strength of this global, high-tech brand.

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01 . Home

Entegris.com: home page

02 . Product category

Entegris.com: product category page

03 . Product detail

Entegris.com: product detail page

04 . About Entegris

Entegris.com: about Entegris

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Entegris.com mobile home page
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