• Brand strategy
  • Campaign development
  • System design
  • Executions:
Print catalogs, digital & print signage, photography, copy, packaging, social, email, paid media, radio, video, web
  • Role: Group Creative Director; team of 14
  • Agency: Rosetta, SapientRazorfish

Redefining Hickory Farms

From Traditions Matter to Savor Traditions

Hickory Farms—the #2 identifier of the winter holiday season in the US (second only to the Salvation Army Santa Claus)—was mired in two related conundrums: a conservative and aging customer-base and those who only considered Hickory Farms (or gifting Hickory Farms) in the five weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Though related, we split the tasks in two: evolve Hickory Farms to become contemporary and relevant—“this ain’t your Grandpa’s Hickory Farms anymore”—then expand awareness to generate a shift in consideration as a year-round contender in the $multi-billion Gifting category.

Steeped in tradition

Strategy to Execution

Developing a cohesive story across all major customer touch points.
Click/drag left-right; touch/swipe left-right

Browsing, your way

Consumer-focused Catalog

  • Relatable, human copy
  • Meticulous copy
  • Scannable gifts
  • Clear product lists
  • Purposeful, functional pagination

Expanding awareness

Growing Market share beyond the winter holiday season

Over the decades, Hickory Farms achieved only minor success expanding revenue and awareness outside the five weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas (roughly 95% of their annual revenue was generated in this time...a tough nut to crack). Each campaign, however, delivered an 8-15% YoY increase that I felt would exponentially grow over time thus, helping transition Hickory Farms into the consideration set for year-round Gifting.

Initiating campaigns for Valentine’s Day, Easter and Father’s Day (then moving to include Mother’s Day, the 4th of July, the Superbowl and other events rooted in tradition), we began to change mindsets and behaviors by developing and executing engaging interactive experiences served up with a side of humor...and double entendres.

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Campaigns overview image
Hickory Farms Valentine's Day campaign landing page

Valentine’s Day

“Let’s be honest, traditional thinking favors women this time of the year. But we think men deserve some lovin’ too. So don’t feed the stereotype; flip the script. Say thanks to the man in your life for always stepping up with a gift he’ll truly savor. Man, Up.”

Flip the script

Campaign focused on shifting the mindset from a female-dominated celebration to a more inclusive notion of the Day—give the man in your life something on this special day too.

  • Landing page
  • Interactive Flavor Profile Discovery game
  • Pairing suggestions
  • Email
  • Paid media
  • Social (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Hickory Farms Father's Day campaign landing page

    Father’s Day

    “We all know that Dad’s sense of humor sometimes, well, lacks a sense of humor...but it’s all coming from a good place. This Father’s Day, dispense with the groaning and resist the all-too-familiar urge to roll your eyes. Because his one-liners may be cheesy, but Dad’s no joke.”

    Quit your groanin’

    We realize dad jokes usually aren’t funny—except to other dads—so we focused this campaign on celebrating all that dads bring to the table. Dads are endearing, so give them a break. Because sometimes, like a blind squirrel getting a nut, occasionally they do land a good joke.

  • Landing page
  • Multiple downloadable e- and printable-cards
  • Email
  • Paid media
  • Social (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Hickory Farms Easter campaign landing page


    Developed a limited, 16-prompt, product-focused campaign serving little-known and/or pun-ny Easter facts. Some true, some...unverified.

    Food for thought

    76% of chocolate bunnies are eaten ears first.
    Sausage has no ears—dig in wherever.

    9/10 Dentists agree. Our baskets are better than the Easter bunny’s.
    No actual dentists were consulted...the bunny has beef.

    81% of parents loot candy from their kids’ Easter baskets.
    That pilfering may have been prevented had a Hickory Farms gift basket been nearby.

  • Landing page
  • Email
  • Paid media
  • Social (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Photography Redesign

    Sterile, stoic
    Staged, robotic humanity
    Conservative, stodgy
    Predictable photography
    Leave it to Beaver
    Lived in
    Capture real moments
    Contemporary, warm
    Interesting angles, lighting, depth-of-field
    Modern Family
    • 1   /   8
      Diamond ring in a wood and moss setting
    • 2   /   8
      Necklace with pendant on sandstone
    • 3   /   8
      Necklace and matching rind on stone with moss
    • 4   /   8
      Pearl necklace with matching earrings on an onion-paper background
    • 5   /   8
      Matching jade jewelry set: necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet on a marble background
    • 6   /   8
      Diamond necklace on a stone and moss background
    • 7   /   8
      Peridot necklace and matching earrings on a marble background
    • 8   /   8
      Mens cufflinks on a wood background

    Brand anthem video

    Traditions Matter

    We follow our protagonist who’s having a tough time getting the attention of her preoccupied family. Dad’s busy cleaning up, mom’s on the phone, grandma’s secretly wrapping presents, her brother’s busy avoiding zombies and grandpa is relaxed, looking at the back of his eye lids. Clearly frustrated, she gets an idea...she knows how to get everyone together.

    Further evolution

    Heart of the season

    Heart of the season Manifesto

    It’s when time stands still, your senses heightened

    The sights are spectacular. The sounds are soothing. The tastes take you back. The smells are so rich you can almost touch them. Some say it’s magical—and maybe it is.

    It’s the burst of excitement in your heart when you see all the homes on your street lit up for the first time. It’s the lump that rises in your throat when you watch your kid perform in the Christmas pageant (yes, we know those are tears of joy). It’s the enchantment that enthralls you while you’re watching the first snowfall, and that surge of nostalgia when you hear carolers singing on your stoop. It’s that spirit of generosity that inspires you to bake candy-cane cookies for the whole neighborhood.

    Or maybe, it’s when all of these things come together—and your heartstrings sing!

    And once you feel it, you want more. You want to feel it in every meal, every exchange, and in every tradition, all season long. From setting the gifts you so carefully chose under the perfect tree, to seeing your loved ones’ faces light up when they tear away the wrapping paper, the heart of the season comes to life through you, your family and friends.

    Behind the scenes

    Behind the scenes photographs
    White Hickory Farms logo