• Personas
  • Meal creation journeys
  • Purchase journey
  • Redesign & replatform
  • Role: Creative & design direction, communication strategy; team of 5
  • Agency: Rosetta


KitchenAid: Everything inspired Makers need to feed the soul

The US KitchenAid redesign was part of a larger engagement to replatform Whirlpool and its 17 brands (developed with AEM & Hybris). Going beyond the replatform effort, we were further tasked with rethinking and redesigning KitchenAid to:

  1. better communicate its world-class product offering
  2. ease of customer tasks and purchase journeys
  3. establish KA as the inspired space for Makers of all types
  4. re-form KA as a recurring destination for inspiration and tools
  5. elevate the KA presence with a sophisticated, bold design system

Let’s dig in...

Personas & journeys

Personas  /  meal creation journeys  /  purchase journey

With stacks of KA-procured research, coupled with own deep-dive, the personas and journeys were developed to: 1, further articulate the current and future customer base and 2, inform and unite the design, UX, communication and business strategies. Critical to this effort was the identification, prediction and procurement of the next generation of KA enthusiasts. Also noteworthy, because coffee consumption is so pervasive, it too was critical to include.

The Adventurer

No boundaries, constantly tweaking or evolving recipes by trying ‘this’ and trying ‘that’. Often inspired by an ingredient, especially one that’s new to their experience.

The Planner

Typically adheres to recipes: follows directions, measures, uses a timer. Can be slightly adventurous, but only after long-mastering a recipe.

The Dietary conscious

Those with food allergies or concerns about fat/carb/sugar/non-GMO/etc. intake for themselves and their families. They aspire for overall health. Not to be confused with weight loss.

Adventurer persona Planner persona Dietary conscious persona

Meal creation journeys

Here we follow the personas from the point of inspiration, to the process of cooking or baking through to the end creation. We identified needs, objectives, passions, pain and touch points followed by recommendations.

It's worth noting, in terms of all the various passions, we found that no one has passion for cleanup.

Purchase Journey

We outlined a variety of customer needs, goals, pains and touchpoints, further segregated by Majors and Smalls (appliances) to predict how, where and when a customer would make a purchase.

Redesign & Replatform

With strategy and aspirations in-place, we created a new visual and refined ux design system crafted to merge business goals with the ease of user tasks. Combining concise messaging, clear product and recipe paths and relevant product suggestions with a bold and engaging design, the new presence substantially elevated the US site in terms of visual presence, communication, conversion and retention.

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01 . Home

KitchenAid.com home page

02 . Category

KitchenAid.com category page

03 . Sub-Category

KitchenAid.com sub-category page

04 . Recipe Detail

KitchenAid.com recipe detail page

Category    /    Product List    /    Product Detail

KitchenAid.com mobile recipe detail page
KitchenAid.com mobile recipe detail page
KitchenAid.com mobile recipe detail page

Affresh & Everydrop

Extending the replatform

As part of the Whirlpool replatform effort, we also had the opportunity to re-architect and redesign two CPG brands with an improved design and communication system for a significantly improved customer experience.

KitchenAid logo