• Site redesign & replatform
  • eCommerce
  • Digital & brand design system
  • Photography redesign
  • Mission & brand purpose statement
  • Role: Group creative director; team of 6
  • Agency: Rosetta


Timeless, Forever

Our primary goal of the redesign and replatform was to create an immersive and engaging experience that told a story—emotionally driven stories about timelessness, longevity, quality and craftmanship presented in ways that inspired new discoveries while maintaining intuitive and guided paths. Along with the full-featured ecommerce platform, we further enhanced the experience with new features like shop with friends and shareable shopping carts that promoted both larger, social interaction with friends and close, intimate shopping discoveries with a loved one.

From a design perspective, we created a strong, yet elegant, design system that dramatically elevated the aesthetic and stature of the experience. Part of this elevation included a reconceptualization of both product and lifestyle photography for a clearer, more impactful and more realistic presentation. As our relationship with Zales evolved, we then extended the design system and style guide with examples of catalog spreads, signage, email, social and tv/video creating a larger, brand-level visual design guide. On a personal note, I was also invited to participate in the rewrite of Zales’ mission and brand-purpose statements.

What we left behind

The design system was (in it's best state) dated. The site was convoluted, cluttered and littered with many elements shoe-horned in place. Elements, focus and calls-to-action competed. The presence and stature of the site lacked design integrity, sensitivity and elegance. Adherence to visual design and UX style guides and strategies were loosely implemented. It was time to move on.

Redesign & Replatform

With a bold, elegant, clean and sophisticated design system, we redesigned and replatformed the site with a new site architecture, taxonomy and nomenclature for clarity, ease of user product browsing & discovery and included additional enhancements to increase engagement and promote retention.

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01 . Home

Zales.com home page

02 . Category

Zales.com category page

03 . Sub-Category

Zales.com product detail page

Shop With Friends

Enhanced social shopping capabilities make the diamond & jewelry buying process more personal, providing the feedback and validation customers need to feel confident in their decision.

04 . The 5 C’s

Zales.com product detail page

05 . History

Zales.com product detail page

Category    /    Home    /    Recipe Detail

Zales.com mobile category page
Zales.com mobile home page
Zales.com mobile sub-category page

Photography Redesign

Random environments
Overtly staged
Conservative, stodgy
Predictable & flat
Purposeful backdrops & scenes
Designed randomness
Contemporary, inviting
Interesting angles, lighting, depth-of-field
  • 1   /   9
    Diamond ring in a wood and moss setting
  • 2   /   9
    Necklace with pendant on sandstone
  • 3   /   9
    Necklace and matching rind on stone with moss
  • 4   /   9
    Pearl necklace with matching earrings on an onion-paper background
  • 5   /   9
    Matching jade jewelry set: necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet on a marble background
  • 6   /   9
    Diamond necklace on a stone and moss background
  • 7   /   9
    Peridot necklace and matching earrings on a marble background
  • 8   /   9
    Mens cufflinks on a wood background
  • 9   /   9
    Three diamond rings in white and rose gold settings

Design System, Extended

Email / Social / Catalogs / Signage

The New Zales Mission

In our ever-evolving world, Zales enables those who value tradition to experience an enduring connection by preserving what matters—
because we believe everyone has the right to pursue enduring love instead of the fleeting encounter.
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